ICE Marine was formed in 1995 soon after the founder and owner, Jeremy Watts, successfully won the 2 litre World Championships.

Together with a team of highly respected high performance offshore racing professionals in design and engineering, the company started out on its mission to not only improve the performance, efficiency and handling of high speed offshore powerboats, but to also generate a much safer, softer riding and leisure friendly platform for the sports boat market.

At ICE Marine, we strongly believe that speed through efficient design is so important in today’s society and they are attributes worth striving for. What emerged after an extensive period of development, wind tunnel testing and sea trials, was one of the most technically advanced hull forms in the world, the Bladerunner.

ICE Marine has remained focused on achieving one goal: developing exceptional high performance boats for the most demanding of drivers. This has always been the case and it always will be.

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