Every ICE Marine vessel is set apart by its outstanding efficiency and superior performance. 

The Bladerunner hull form was conceived by Britains’ most successful and experienced offshore racing professionals in both design and engineering.

Head of design at ICE Marine is Naval Architect Lorne Campbell, a quietly spoken man with over 30 years experience in designing class winning high performance powerboats and an enviable 100 race wins and 20 World and National championships to his credit.

First launched and raced in the 1998, the RS6 ICE raceboat (Blade 001) was an immediate hit on the demanding 6 litre circuit, winning the Cowes classic 3 years in succession.

Raceboat performance and everyday practicality are usually considered to be mutually exclusive properties. You can have one but not the other. However, this is most certainly not the case if you’re responsible for developing a completely new design of powerboat at ICE Marine.

With over 30 years of extensive development and technical expertise behind the company combined with a comprehensive 10 year development program for the Bladerunner ‘Air Entrapement Monohull’ design.

The Bladerunner Series now ranges from 35’ to 51’, with a number of very credible World and national records under its belt, including the outright Round Britain World Record!