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A Tough Act

The SB40 has been developed by ICE Marine in partnership with Navatek Ltd of Hawaii. The hull, designed by Lorne Campbell, enables high speeds to be achieved with heavy payloads, whilst maintaining excellent seakeeping.

Designed primarily for military and commercial operations, this exceptional boat features a multi-step/multi-plane hull at the forefront of current design technology that provides high efficiency throughout the speed range.





The craft is very adaptable and depending on the application required may be powered by either large capacity petrol outboard motors or inboard diesel power units.

When the tubes are deflated the craft has the potential to fit neatly inside a shipping container for ease of transport.

The hull fit-out can be configured to suit individual customer requirements and make full use of the Seablade’s expansive deck space, suitable for either cargo transport, or for carrying up to 18 seated personnel including crew.


For added passenger comfort the Seablade can be fitted with suspension seating, such as ‘Ullman Dynamics’ the world leaders in shock mitigation seating, providing increased security, safety and consequently an even softer riding experience.

The Seablade 40 is built and engineered by ICE Marine Ltd in the UK to a high specification FRP construction.

View the Seablade 40 spec sheet


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