Ice Marine

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Performance & Handling with Exquisite Attention to Detail

The creators of the Bladerunner Series are, first and foremost, a team of enthusiasts in a quest for perfection. Whether it be optimising hull dynamics, engineering structures or interior design, the same rules apply – Make it the best you can.




The Air Entrapement Monohull

Bladerunner is an ‘Air Entrapement Monohull’ or AEM. Pioneered by ICE Marine, the AEM is radically different to more conventional hulls with its dramatic twin tunnels that flare out from either side of the slender twin or triple stepped hull, finishing with sharp knife-like sponsons at the sides.

This unique combination provides increased stability, both directional and lateral, whilst also reducing the wetted surface area, resulting in reduced drag and improved ride, with less slamming at high speed in an offshore environment.




Constantly Evolving

With over 20 years of extensive development and technical expertise behind the Bladerunner, now in its 3rd generation, the unique AEM design continues to be refined and developed, broadening appeal and the application of the technology.



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