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Bladerunner 34 Rs6 Blue Ice, Breaks 3 Records In A Row

October 25, 2003

Bladerunner 34 Rs6 Blue Ice, Breaks 3 Records In A Row

Windermere’s 2003 Records Week.

Lake Windemere was the exciting setting for high-powered craft attempting to break world water speed records on the 13 th to 17 th of October 2003. Blue Oceans Bladerunner ‘Blue Ice’ was expertly prepared to take on three challenges over the 5 days.


The first challenge for ‘Blue Ice’ was the World Offshore racing speed record for 3ltr powerboats. ‘Blue Ice’ smashed the standing record achieving a remarkable speed of 101.7mph over the measured 1km.

The second and third challenges were perhaps a little more unusual, but even more remarkable. The following 2 records are now held Mark Threadgold, a blind ex-service man driving ‘Blue Ice’ in aid of St Dunstans ‘Blind Ambition Campaign’.


The ‘Blind Water Challenge’ Mark Threadgold attempted the speed challenge driving ‘Blue Ice’ accompanied by 1995 World Powerboat Champion Jeremy Watts. The existing speed record stood at 73.06mph. Mark demolished the record on all four of his timed runs achieving speeds of 83mph, 88mph, 91mph, and finally a fantastic 99.17mph.


Mark was also part of a third world record – which he jokingly referred to as ‘the blind leading the blind’ – when he towed blind water skiing champion, Gerald Price, through the course. They achieved an average speed of 34 mph.

Ice Marine would like to thank all who were involved, especially Blue Ocean for very kindly lending their Bladerunner 34 RS6 ‘Blue Ice’ for the record attempts. Without the loan of this boat none of the above would have been possible. May we all also wish St Dunstans every success in raising the £100,000 target for the Blind Ambition Campaign.


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