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Marines Week 2009

June 14, 2009

Marines Week 2009

The BR RIB in its element

On March 16th – 20th 2009 a Bladerunner RIB X was invited to attend sea trials with the UK Marines based in Poole and underwent a series of tests. These included high speed offshore data acquisition measuring accelerations, sea keeping and simulated ships boarding exercises.

This provided a great opportunity for us to meet and more importantly listen to the Coxswains who daily operate the current crop of high speed Ribs used by the British MOD and also gave us a valuable insight to the future requirements of this very specialised field of operations.

One of the main focus’s at present is the need to reduce crew fatigue and injury from prolonged exposure to high speed offshore use in adverse weather conditions.

Through improved ride quality and ergonomics, this is an area we feel can be significantly improved up on when using our AEM hull form when tailored to suit the application.

The 4 days spent with the Marines was both insightful and enjoyable, meeting new friends and colleagues in a completely different field of operations…and the BR RIB X performed faultlessly throughout!


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